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Counterfeiting in beverages poses a threat to human health as well as brand image, adversely impacting consumer goodwill. While alcoholic beverages are targeted for redirection to the black market, non-alcoholic beverages, especially in the health segment, are often tampered with and mislabelled.

Map phygital stamps by city, retail type or customer
Replace phygital stamps on bottle
Deal directly with retailers
Help government agencies trace tax evasion
Forecast supply and demand for operational planning


Counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry poses a severe threat to patient safety and can lead to severe consequences in terms of consumer trust and legal repercussions.

Monitor medical device handling during shipment
Track and trace logging temperatures regularly
Kit-level monitoring and logistics for clinical trials
Monitor small-batch logistics for personalized medicines
Ensure compliance with regulations


Ensuring product authenticity is crucial to retaining the value of the ‘organic’ tag and honouring consumer trust. Organic foods, especially premium products, are specifically vulnerable to counterfeiting and theft due to the higher incentive in profit margins.

Prevent diversion between distributors and retailers
Provenance of raw materials
Prevent substitution with cheaper non-organic products
Prevent deception through mis-labelling
Prevent grey market diversion


Counterfeiting poses a risk to consumer health with toxic ingredients finding their way into cosmetics. False labelling, adulteration and diversion can lead to irreparable losses in terms of consumer loyalty.

Provenance of raw materials in premium products
Prevent deception through mislabeling
Prevent diversion to grey market
Curb theft in supply chain
Prevent illegal production


Tackling counterfeiting is crucial for electronics manufacturers and distributors to navigate increasingly uncertain tariff environments and comply with stringent regulatory frameworks.

Curb illegal repackaging and selling of e-waste as new components
Prevent illegal component recovery
Prevent remarking of electronic components
Check over-production and curb illicit sale of chips or systems
Curb cloning of original components

Transform your distribution chain

Go digital with solutions that bring you closer to customers and secure your products

End-to-End visibility into product journey
Secure authentication chain
Shipment authentication at all touch points
Temperature, humidity, shock and light detection

Secure every link in your chain

Identify loopholes in your network with complete transparency into the product journey

SKU validation at origin and destination
Product track and trace with geo-location
Insight into inventory at every distribution location
Identify and eliminate counterfeit and theft possibilities

Connect directly with your end customer

New avenues for consumer interaction, feedback, and engagement

Product Discovery
o Interactive product discovery
o New avenues to gain customer attention

Consumer Connect
o Continous Feedback: User rating and review
o Platform for direct customer retention

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