Introducing 1SCAN VirtualEye™

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How does our technology work? 

Patented technologies and approaches back 1scan’s product serialization and provenance tags

Product Serialization

Simple and unique QR codes or NFC/UHF RFID tags are used to mark each item, group of items, and pallet/container.

o Highly tamper-proof and customizable tags

o Integratable into your manufacturing facility's existing product label printing workstation (1scan's Smart Tag-Printing and Integration Technology)

o Printable on plastic, glass, metal, paper and cardboard, among others, in various sizes and formats


Track your product's journey right from the manufacturing facility to the consumer, with our AI and ML-powered solutions.

o Track and trace products with IoT-enabled real-time monitoring

o Simplify inventory tracking and supply chain management

o Ensure quality and compliance

o Eradicate counterfeiting through complete transparency with our unique tags

Real-Time Product Condition

Track product quality and safety in real-time by monitoring physical parameters on a product, consignment, and shipment level for cold chain management.

o Temperature and humidity

o Geo-fencing

o Light and shock

Augment Brand Value

Beat counterfeiting with our powerful ML-based anomaly detection system

Tackle Warehouse Theft with Real-Time Inventory Data

1scan's advanced solutions provide complete visibility into inventory across warehouses and during transit. With accurate, real-time insight into stock balance and movement, you can identify and eliminate pilferage and theft possibilities.

Intelligent Counterfeit Monitoring with Deep Technologies

Identify and eliminate counterfeit across your supply chain network in real-time with deep tech AI, RPA and clone detection. Our system monitors product movement and operations to detect and flag counterfeit introductions in the network.

Let Your Consumers Call Out Fakes

With 1scan, your consumers can report counterfeits with their smartphones without having to download an app. For a consumer, discerning an original product from a fake is as simple as scanning 1scan's tag for authenticity.

Predefine Business Rules with Smart Contracts

1scan's Smart Contracts let you predefine rules for auto-execution to limit access to your distribution network and restrict the entry of counterfeits. Not only do you reduce paperwork, but you also gain tamper-proof agreements for smooth operations.

Supply Chain AI

Tackle supply chain complexities effectively with 1scan's cloud-hosted, blockchain and AI-based solution 

Control your supply chain network

Control and manage your upstream and downstream by creating operational groups among all participants.

Data-Driven AI Insights

Our blockchain technology ensures watertight security for all partners, providing access to only authorized individuals.

Supply Blockchain

1scan uses a private blockchain for the on-demand creation of business groups and records all transactions in the blockchain.

Smart Contracts

Unlike traditional AI software, 1scan’s AI works on real-time data from your entire network and not just data from your organization.

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